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Today, people in Sri Lanka are going through an unprecedented financial and economic crisis. As a result of depleted foreign currency reserves, there is a shortage of essential medical and surgical supplies in the state health sector, where healthcare is delivered at no cost to the patient. We, who represent professional Colleges of medical specialties, created this joint fund to receive donations in a transparent and accountable manner. We created this fund in response to the enquiries made by our friends overseas, well-wishers and colleagues, enabling them to send their donations to be used for purchasing essential medicines and medical devices. We thank you for helping Sri Lanka in the hour of need.


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How this fund operates

The fund will be operated by a committee co-chaired by the Presidents of the four main professional colleges in medicine, i.e. The Ceylon College of Physicians, the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians and the Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Committee members include Specialists in different specialities.

How the money in the fund is used

There is an established and standard system of purchasing medicines for the government hospitals through the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC). This fund will provide money to the SPC to purchase essential lifesaving medicines after following a clearly defined procurement procedure. The approval for fund utilization will be by the Co-chairs and the committee. The fund will not directly purchase medicines as it is a complex procedure. At a meeting held in the second week of April among representatives of the Colleges, SPC and the ministry of Health, essential drugs which are already out of stock and which are going to be out of stock within the next 3 months were identified. SPC was instructed to purchase these drugs only. These will be reviewed periodically. The fund will only be used to purchase these drugs. In fact, we are planning to specifically identify for what drugs we are funding. The money will not just be handed over to the SPC.

Transparency and accountability

Central bank will monitor all the transactions of the fund. The fund will be audited by a reputed audit firm. Since all the money in the fund will be given to the SPC for the procurement of medication and medical devices/consumables, it will be subjected to auditing by the Auditor General. Furthermore, the details of the funds received and, the medicines purchased through the fund will be displayed on the website regularly.



Dr. Shamitha Dassanayaka


Consultant Physician, North Colombo Teaching Hospital

Dr. P. Sudarshan


Consultant Physician, Base Hospital, Polonnaruwa

Committee Members

Dr. Anoma Perera
Dr. Naomali Amerasena
Prof. Udaya Ranawaka
Prof. Guwani Liyanage
Dr. Duminda Munidasa
Dr. Dumitha Govidapala
Dr. S. Krishnapradeep
Dr. Viji Thadchanamoorthy
Dr. Sajeewana Amarasinghe
Dr Makarim Hameed
Dr. Apputhurai Sritharan
Prof. Rasika Herath

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Dr. Shamitha Dassanayaka
+94 714 105 516
Dr. P. Sudarshan
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